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Ronnie's Q. BBQ

Ronnie's Q Carryout Menu

...great taste on the go!

See current pricing in store


(With Sandwich, Chips and 16 oz. Tea)

Pork Basket
Chicken Basket
BBQ Beef Basket
Rib Basket

Sandwiches and More

Reg. BBQ Pork Sandwich
Beef Sandwich
Lean Beef Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Rib Sandwich
Jumbo  Pork Sandwich

(Make it a Plate - add 2 Sides and Tea)

BBQ Bowl

*NEW! Ronnie's Stuffed Potatoes*

Plain Stuffed Potato w/Butter, Sour Cream 
and Shredded or Melted Cheese

With Pork BBQ and Large Sweet Tea

With Chicken and Large Sweet Tea

With Beef Brisket and Large Sweet Tea

Kids' Meal

Jr. Pork Sandwich w/Chips & 
Bottled Water or Small Tea

Take Home Items

Lb. BBQ Pork
Whole Chicken
Lb. Beef BBQ
Lb. Beef BBQ (Lean)
Whole Slab Ribs
1/2 Lb. Pork
1/2 Chicken1/2 Lb. Beef BBQ
1/2 Lb. Beef BBQ (Lean)
1/2 Slab Ribs

Family Packs

Chicken Family Pack
2 Whole Chickens, 2 Sides and 6 Flap Jacks

Pork BBQ Family Pack
2 Lb. Pork BBQ, 2 Sides, 8 pk. Buns

2 Lb. Beef Family Pack

2 Lb. Beef BBQ, 2 Sides, 8 Buns
(Add a gallon of Tea to your
Family Pack!)


Slaw, White Beans, Baked Beans
or Potato Salad:
6 oz. Side

8 oz. Side
16 oz. Side

32 oz. Side

Flap Jacks
8 pk. Buns
12 pk. Buns
Homemade Cake or Pie (Slice)


Coke Products (24oz.)
Bottled Water
Tea......Small - Large - Gallon 

Whole Cuts

Whole Pork Shoulder
Whole Beef Brisket

Whole Hog Bar-b-Que available - Call for pricing

5-7 days notice required for Special Order Menu items.

Prices do not include sales tax (9.75%).

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